Children and Beauty

January 18, 2017

Charlotte Mason says,

About the child hangs, as the atmosphere around a planet, the thought-environment he lives in. And here he derives those enduring ideas which express themselves as a life-long kinship towards things sordid or things lovely, things earthly or divine.

I think that “atmosphere” is made up of everything that surrounds the child: the actions, moods, routines, words, and yes, even the physical things. It’s easy to assume that the only material things that matter in the raising of our children is that their basic needs are met, and to think that their spiritual formation is somehow divorced from their surroundings. If we suffer from such thinking, we must admit to our Gnosticism! As persons, we are embodied; we are physical beings. 

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What We've Been Up To

January 13, 2017

Just popping in to say hello, and that I hope you had a pleasant holiday.  All of these pictures are pre-Christmas (the apple pie was for Thanksgiving!), though I guess they're a pretty accurate representation of our winter days: tea and chores and food and knitting. I took a picture of the stacks of clean towels because Indigo folded all of those herself and I was very impressed!

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Beauty and the Home

November 04, 2016

After writing about media and children I was raring to expound on the idea of children and beauty, but as I started on the post I realized I really needed to write about beauty in the home more generally first. Afterall, why should you care about your children’s experience of beauty or how you are shaping their palate if you don’t first have an idea of why it matters in general?

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